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Heading Level 1 Heading Level 2 Heading Level 3 Heading Level 4 Heading Level 5 Heading Level 6 Normal paragraph text…Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Omnis vero quae placeat ullam cum quibusdam labore temporibus voluptates aliquam nihil odit accusamus magni vitae quia suscipit asperiores maiores ratione cumque. This is a quote (blockquote)…Facere… Continue reading

Multi-cultural Marketing

Understanding cultural and behavioral expectations and traditions will enhance your global marketing prowess. Marketing is the art of providing the right information in the right way at the right time and in the right form to a specific target market – those people able and willing to buy your product or service. Multi-cultural marketing is… Continue reading

Language Marketing – The key to opening global markets is through language

The global markets of the future can be partially defined by the global languages of the present. Language is one of the key aspects of a culture, and culture is the key to global markets. Today, the four most-spoken languages in the world are Mandarin Chinese, with 907 million people speaking this as a first… Continue reading

Culturegraphics…New Insights On Consumer Behavior

Demographics was the first “science of consumer behavior. For the first time in the history of business, such basic data on buyers as age, sex race, income and other actors were analyzed by sellers to develop buying patterns. This was an exciting breakthrough in consumer buying behavior. Several years later, the science of psychographics was… Continue reading

Creating A Profit Culture

Keeping a profit culture mindset means focusing on long-term, success and acknowledging profit as the primary force in creating jobs, expanding plants and investing in equipment. Creating a profit culture is a fundamental shift in the way we view business and the way we do business. A profit culture is a mindset that focuses on… Continue reading

Leadership Mistakes

How to run a multi-million-dollar business into the ground It’s not easy to run a multi-million-dollar business into the ground, but it can be done. Here is a simple, five-step formula for achieving this dubious goal. One: Pay no attention to your competitors Do not do a competitive intelligence examination to learn everything about your… Continue reading

Beyond Downsizing

Winners grow when they discover downsizing is just as much an opportunity for profitable growth as it is a time for mourning. Restructuring, reengineering and reinventing are “miracle” techniques that can work wonders for an organization – to a point. These techniques can boost short-term profitability by helping cut costs. They can be used to… Continue reading

Leadership Strategies

The most successful organizations use five essential leadership strategies to lead them toward long-term profitable growth. Only compete in industries where you are No. 1 or No. 2. When you are the top competitor in a market you have competitive advantages that make it more difficult for others to steal your customers or market share…. Continue reading

Competitive Advantage

A strategy for gaining a competitive advantage over your best competition will lead to increased market share and long-term growth and profit. Frederick the Great, an outstanding military strategist said, “It is pardonable to be defeated, but never to be surprised.” This bit of wisdom appeals equally well in today’s business world. Many business people… Continue reading

The Art of Competitive Intelligence

Are you getting all the information you need on your competition? Or does your competition have the information upper hand on you. Success in tomorrow’s world means having the most complete, accurate and up-to-the-moment information on your competitors. Today it is possible to obtain this information legally and ethically if you know how to access… Continue reading

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