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Creating A Profit Culture

Keeping a profit culture mindset means focusing on long-term, success and acknowledging profit as the primary force in creating jobs, expanding plants and investing in equipment. Creating a profit culture is a fundamental shift in the way we view business and the way we do business. A profit culture is a mindset that focuses on… Continue reading

Leadership Mistakes

How to run a multi-million-dollar business into the ground It’s not easy to run a multi-million-dollar business into the ground, but it can be done. Here is a simple, five-step formula for achieving this dubious goal. One: Pay no attention to your competitors Do not do a competitive intelligence examination to learn everything about your… Continue reading

Beyond Downsizing

Winners grow when they discover downsizing is just as much an opportunity for profitable growth as it is a time for mourning. Restructuring, reengineering and reinventing are “miracle” techniques that can work wonders for an organization – to a point. These techniques can boost short-term profitability by helping cut costs. They can be used to… Continue reading

Leadership Strategies

The most successful organizations use five essential leadership strategies to lead them toward long-term profitable growth. Only compete in industries where you are No. 1 or No. 2. When you are the top competitor in a market you have competitive advantages that make it more difficult for others to steal your customers or market share…. Continue reading