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Firing Your Customer

The art and science of learning to fire customers can lead to better manufacturing practices and higher profits. Good sales organizations focus most of their time and effort on finding new customers and markets. Great sales organizations focus on keeping their existing customers as well as finding new customers and markets. Great sales organizations go… Continue reading

UncommonSense Leadership

The challenge facing tomorrow’s leaders is learning how to rise above being just managers. If you doubt that leadership is one of the most difficult and challenging roles a person can attempt, take a look at these facts: • Ford Motor Co. spends as much on health care each year as it does on steel…. Continue reading

Conducting Your Orchestra

World-class performances depend on harmonious individual efforts supported by sound leadership. The new role of a leader today is to be the conductor of the orchestra. The conductor’s role is to coordinate the music toward a profitable harmony. The conductor sits in the middle of the team, in a circle organization, within an arm’s reach… Continue reading

The Transformational Leader

A transformational leader can help smooth the process of business or process reorganization. The most difficult management challenge in the world of business is leading an organization through a major change in mission, philosophy, and business practice. This total “transformation” of the social, technical, and cultural structure of the organization requires management, leadership, and relationship… Continue reading