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Value-Added Selling

Using the principles of value-added selling, you can actually increase the perceived value of your product and your business. The most effective definition of value-added selling comes from this Faranda maxim: “Value-added is what you do for your customer that your competition cannot or will not do.” The basis of this maxim is that you… Continue reading

Hit Teams

By focusing your sales efforts on a select, high-potential market segment, you can steal market share in a mature market place. As stated in a basic Faranda maxim, “the only way to increase market share in a mature market place is to steal it form your competitors.” A mature market is one that has stopped… Continue reading

Stealing Customers and Market Share

By employing several key strategies, you can prevent your competition from stealing your customers and market share. It’s very easy for a competitor to steal your customers and market share unless you’ve put in place specific measures to prevent them from doing so. Some strategies employed to steal or devalue a product or market include… Continue reading

UncommonSense Selling

You can increase your sales and profitability by keeping your mind and body in sync. Before you ever hit a golf shot, you must know exactly what it is you want to do. You must know why you are hitting that specific club from that specific spot. You must know exactly where you want your… Continue reading