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Why Tom Faranda is Unique...

"Tom Faranda is a global executive with much to say and a speaker with the style & substance to say it."

Tom has owned hotels in Costa Rica and America, a pepper gas business in South Africa, an ATM firm, a global software firm, a mobile home venture in S. Africa and a global consulting firm focused on business growth and profit......and other ventures. He has worked around the world and has clients in China, Japan, India, Malaysia, UK, Germany, Australia and across the globe.

Tom Faranda's global trends have been on target for over 25 years. He forecasted the rise and fall of Japan, the rise and fall of the Euro and the rise of China as a world power as well as many other trends.

Tom is one of the few speakers with enough top management and entrepreneurial experience around the globe to welcome Q & A. His style is fast-paced and compelling. His global examples, bottom-line techniques, stories and humor create a compelling experience which motivates leaders to use his strategies to create growth and profit.

TOM FARANDA, Global Entrepreneur and Speaker

Tom Faranda was named one of the most exciting speakers in America by "Meetings & Conventions Magazine" due to his high content, 'bottom-line' programs packed with examples, stories and global humor. He is the former President of The Hospital Corporation of Chicago, the former National Accounts Sales Manager for The Masonite Corporation and a former candidate for the United States Senate._

His books include "The Global Sales Professional" and "Uncommon Sense Leadership", and he has published over one hundred business articles. Tom Faranda has the credibility and experience audiences respect and demand in a featured speaker. He has earned a BS, an MBA in International Business and a Doctorate(abd). He has been a guest lecturer for universities in South Africa, the UK, Australia and was an adjunct faculty professor of business at the University of Minnesota.

Few speakers know the global world as well as Tom Faranda. His clients have included Siemen's Engineering Germany, IBM Europe, Siemens Medical South Africa, Thermo-King Japan, Ford Canada, GE, Prudential Singapore, Creative Communications India, INTEL, Motorola, 3M, IBM, Honeywell and other corporations.

Tom Faranda is a global executive with much to say
and a speaker with the style & substance to say it.

Tom Faranda

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  Tom FARANDA, Adventurer
Tom Faranda has climbed some of the tallest mountains in the world–including Mt. Cotopoxi in Ecuador, the tallest active volcano in the world at just under 20,000 feet elevation! He has run the rivers of Alaska, raced 100-mile competitive cycling events, competed in triathlons, mountain bike races, rollerblade events, cross-country ski races, Africa treks and SCUBA diving adventures in Austrailia. His adventure experiences are captured in his exciting programs.

Adventure Skills:
Tom Faranda,

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