No professional speaker or consultant in America has Tom Faranda's global credentials, global connections or work experiences overseas. His global clients include CEFCO China, Siemens Medical (on five continents), FORD CANADA, TecAsia/Malaysia, Honeywell Global, IBM Europe, Prudential Insurance Singapore, Creative Communications India and others. Tom's sources in ASIA, and especially in China, are incredible....CEO's of American Corporations doing business throughout Asia, Senior Managers in Chinese firms and key entrepreneurs throughout Asia. His information is always ahead of everybody else's and it is more accurate. His 'bottom-line' techniques provide the keys to growth and profitability in the global marketplace. His examples, stories and Q&A sessions provide energy and impact. Tom is a master of global cultures and knows how to drive his knowledge to his client's bottom line.

Tom Faranda's style is fast-paced and compelling to promote energy and to get a 'buy-in' from participants. His global examples, bottom-line techniques, stories and humor create a compelling experience which motivates leaders to use his new ideas. He challenges the participants and makes them part of the program. Finally, Tom Faranda is one of the few speakers with enough top management and entrepreneural experience around the globe to welcome Q & A at the end of the program so each participant can get their specific questions answered.

Global Realities - The Next 10 Years

This is the most stimulating and thought provoking global business program in the world. It is an amazing experience that shows you, by country and with a specific time line, what is going to happen around the world in the next TEN years and how these events will affect YOU and YOUR bottom line.

Tom Faranda will provide specific global forecasts and key global trends that will impact your growth and profit. No other global speaker understands China and Asia like Tom Faranda. His information comes from senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs based around the world and legitimate inside information provided by government officials and others who are part of his extensive global network. Tom was correct about the rise and fall of Japan, changes in the EU and in the value of the EURO, the rise of Asia and especially the rise of China and India. His forecasts are accurate and timely. This program is fast-paced and filled with examples, stories and global humor. It is an unforgettable look at tomorrow.

American Realities - The Next 10 Years

Tom Faranda will explain what is going to happen in America over the next ten years and what this means to you and your organization. He will explain how economic, political, social and legal changes in America will impact the country and the world. He will discuss GDP, the US Dollar, global currencies, the national debt and key business principles for growth and profit. He will provide specific forecasts with time lines and he will show how to return America to growth and prosperity. This program provides an objective, ?real? view of AMERICA. This is a fascinating, fast-paced program filled with examples, stories and humor. It is an unforgettable look at our America over the next ten years.

S. America Realities - The Next Ten Years

There will not be a ?United States of South America? in the near future but there will be an economic boom in South America over the next ten years that will surpass any boom in history. BRAZIL will drive the economic expansion which will spread to the entire continent. Oil, natural resources and trade with China and America will remake this continent. In this program you will learn how this will happen as well as when, where and why. Tom?s forecasts will guide you to creating a growth and profit strategy for S. America.

China/Asia Realities - The Next Ten Years

No one knows China and Asia like Tom Faranda. His contacts inside China include American and European CEO?s running public companies, Founder CEO?s running private companies, Minister Level Officials of China and many more significant people. His information is always ahead of time and he offers incredible insights into the plans and future of China. He is one of the few Americans to have spoken at the major Ministers meeting in Shanghai. His contacts in other Asian countries are also legendary.

If you want to know what China and Asia is going to do the next ten years, this is the program that will tell you. Tom?s forecasts are very accurate and wide-ranging. They will help you create your own growth and profit strategy in China and Asia.

EUROPEAN Realities - The Next Ten Years

Tom Faranda will explain what IS happening and what is GOING to happen throughout Europe over the next ten years and what this means to you and your organization. He will explain how economic, political, social and legal changes will impact the entire EU and especially in the 17 countries using the EURO.

He will discuss the EURO, the US Dollar, the Pound, the national EU debt and other key economic indicators. He will provide specific forecasts with time lines and he will show you what will happen the next ten years?what, where, why, when, why and much more.

This program provides an objective, ?real? view of the EU. This is a fascinating, fast-paced program filled with examples, stories and humor. It is an unforgettable look at the EU and EURO over the next ten years.

BRIC Realities - The Next Ten Years

This program is an in-depth study of how the BRIC countries of BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA and CHINA will change your global strategy over the next ten years! Tom Faranda will detail their economy, growth plans, world views, competitive advantages and future plans. He will show you their strategic plans to take control of the world and become the key economic engines of this century.


This wild global ride will take you through the worlds of medicine, electronics, 3D Imaging, High-Tech Manufacturing, telecommunications and more. You will learn what inventions and innovations will be part of your life over the next ten years.

This is an exciting and interesting program that will keep people entranced and open their minds to the world of their near future.

Satisfied customers...Our best references to you!


Tom, thank you for your help making us a success at the global client council. Your energy and content was really great. We had an excellent meeting overall and great feedback!


To my metals executive colleagues: With the latest on China, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about a program we had at our general membership meeting last week in Myrtle Beach. Tom Faranda (our highest rated speaker at nine of our previous engagements) presented his newest program, "China and YOUR Bottom Line...China's Gameplan". Our Participants Evaluations rated him a 4.5 out of 5. This was a full morning session and he has done his homework. He explains China's game plan for the next decade, its potential for an internal meltdown and how to compete against them. The session drew a packed audience and included many spouses. No topic could be more timelier and I seriously recommend you do yourself a favor and explore Tom's availability today. You can reach him at


Mr. Faranda keynoted our global convention of 180 SENIOR EXECUTIVES from 51 COUNTRIES in June, 2005. He presented a two-hour keynote entitled, "Global Realities.....Selling in the new millennium" and received a standing ovation which is very unusual for executive programs. All of the executives received a copy of his new book, "The GLOBAL Sales Professional" after the program. In addition, he was asked to keynote again in the evening after the awards banquet for our 300 guests--the executives and their spouses. He presented his inspirational program, "FOOTPRINTS" and once again received a standing ovation. Incredible! In the process of selecting Tom Faranda as our keynote speaker, our VP's comments to his speaker selection team were as follows:

"The reason I remember Faranda is because of the impact he has had, not only on me, but on the group I have heard him speak to before (The Metal Treating Institute). There is a reason that he is a repeat speaker at so many of these high level meetings. I have seen at least a dozen of what you refer to as "High energy" speakers and I share your skepticism as well, since I have seen and heard the gimmicks of a Zig Ziglar and even Covey. These guys have not stuck with me, but Tom's message of globalism and experience has a very good effect on people, and that is what I saw in Faranda. He speaks to the effect of globalism on all parts of the globe, not just a USA perspective. Also, the plan is to distribute his new book, The GLOBAL Sales Professional, as well--along with reinforcing audio CD. This addresses the concept of "taking something tangible away" from his session. Lastly, I have seen Tom a couple of times and at some point you have to trust your teammates to send you the right way, and I'm telling you he is the right way for us. He's way more than rah rah. Trust ME on this.