TOM FARANDA - Books and CDs

We now offer select programs for use in your own home or business. They are available on either VHS, CD or DVD. Feel free to purchase books and programs via the links below. If you prefer, you may also downloadable the printable PDF document to place your order via mail.

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"The GLOBAL Sales Professional" (128 pg. Trafford Pub. Paper. 2005)
This book is about professional selling with emphasis on global selling techniques.

"Uncommon Sense Leadership" (102 pages. Knowledge Press. Paper)
This book features 99 humorous , bottom-line, practical business maxims by topic. It has been part of the sales/leadership program of IBM, 3M, GE, Honeywell and others.

Global Business Programs by Tom Faranda

"CHINA's GAMEPLAN & Your Bottom Line" (45-60 minutes; one CD)
China's strategic plan for the next ten years--when,how, what they will do.

"The CHINA Meltdown" (45-60 minutes; one CD)
12 reasons for China's economic meltdown. How and when they will rebuild.

"GLOBAL REALITIES-Predictions That Impact Your Bottom Line" (45 min; one CD)
How, where, when and what will happen in the world the next ten years.
"UNcommon Sense LEADERSHIP for Global Leaders" (45-60 minutes; one CD)
Global Leader Techniques that lead to profitable growth all over the globe.
$39 CD

Motivational / Inspirational Programs

"FOOTPRINTS" (45-60 minutes; one CD)
Incredible speech on life and relationships-make you laugh & think about life.

"Capturing YOUR Future" (45-60 minutes; one CD)
Incredible ideas that will help you improve your life and your future.

"Achieving Personal Excellence" - CD (45-60 minutes; one CD)
"Achieving Personal Excellence" - VHS (45-60 minutes; one VHS)
Ten principles to improve your career,self and relationships. Funny. Inspiring.

$39 CD
$39 VHS

"PowerSpeak" (45-60 minutes; one CD)
An entire course in professional speaking on one CD !
"Ten Commitments To Excellence" (45-60 minutes; one CD)
An incredible speech on quality and excellence taped live at 3M Corp.