A speaker is known by the companies that keep him...

Accounting Firms Associated Inc.
Arizona Society of CPA’s
Independent Accountants International
Institute of Management Accountants
Minnesota Society of Accountants/Co-ops
Ohio Society of CPA’s
Summit International

Banking & Financial Services
American Bankers Association
American Collectors Association
Bank of America
Financial Managers Society
Iowa Bankers Association
Minnesota Bankers Association
Nebraska Bankers Association
New Jersey Savings League
Savings & Community Bankers Association

Association of Systems Management
Avalon Software
MIS Association
Mapics Software

Credit Union System
Arizona Credit Union System
Colorado Credit Union League
CUNA (Credit Union Nat Asn)
CUES (Credit Union Exec Soc)
Michigan Credit Union League
New York Credit Union League
Oregon Credit Union League
South Carolina Credit Union League
Tennessee Credit Union League

Health Care
Australia Medical Pty, Ltd.
Bayer AG Germany
General Electric Medical
Hill Rom Companies
3M Dental Products
3M Medical Products
National Electrical Medical Mfg. Asn.
Siemens Medical America+Germany+India

Farm Bureau Insurance
Life Underwriters Asn Singapore
Life management Association
Manulife Financial Canada &USA
Minnesota Life Underwriters Assn.
Nationwide Insurance Company
Old Mutual Insurance of the UK
Sage Life Insurance of S. Africa
State Farm Insurance

Black & Decker
General Electric
FORD Canada
Jeld-Wyn Mfg.
3M Corporation
Siemens Engineering
Thermo King America & Japan


Metals/Metal Treating
American Cast Metals Asn
American Foundrymen’s Society
Citation Corporation]
Intl. Asn of Diecutting & Diemaking
Metal Treating Institute

International Prepress Association (IPA)
Multigraphics Corporation
National Asn of Printers/Lithographers
National Asn of Quick Printers
Printing Industries of America

Bell South Communications
Cellular One
Northwest Bell
U.S. West Direct

Association of Systems Management
IBM Corporation
Motorola Corporation


Satisfied customers...Our best references to you!


Tom, thank you for your help making us a success at the global client council. Your energy and content was really great. We had an excellent meeting overall and great feedback!


To my metals executive colleagues: With the latest on China, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about a program we had at our general membership meeting last week in Myrtle Beach. Tom Faranda (our highest rated speaker at nine of our previous engagements) presented his newest program, "China and YOUR Bottom Line...China's Gameplan". Our Participants Evaluations rated him a 4.5 out of 5. This was a full morning session and he has done his homework. He explains China's game plan for the next decade, its potential for an internal meltdown and how to compete against them. The session drew a packed audience and included many spouses. No topic could be more timelier and I seriously recommend you do yourself a favor and explore Tom's availability today. You can reach him at tomfaranda@aol.com.


Mr. Faranda keynoted our global convention of 180 SENIOR EXECUTIVES from 51 COUNTRIES. He presented a two-hour keynote entitled, "Global Realities.....Selling in the new millennium" and received a standing ovation which is very unusual for executive programs. All of the executives received a copy of his new book, "The GLOBAL Sales Professional" after the program. In addition, he was asked to keynote again in the evening after the awards banquet for our 300 guests--the executives and their spouses. He presented his inspirational program, "FOOTPRINTS" and once again received a standing ovation. Incredible! In the process of selecting Tom Faranda as our keynote speaker, our VP's comments to his speaker selection team were as follows:

"The reason I remember Faranda is because of the impact he has had, not only on me, but on the group I have heard him speak to before (The Metal Treating Institute). There is a reason that he is a repeat speaker at so many of these high level meetings. I have seen at least a dozen of what you refer to as "High energy" speakers and I share your skepticism as well, since I have seen and heard the gimmicks of a Zig Ziglar and even Covey. These guys have not stuck with me, but Tom's message of globalism and experience has a very good effect on people, and that is what I saw in Faranda. He speaks to the effect of globalism on all parts of the globe, not just a USA perspective. Also, the plan is to distribute his new book, The GLOBAL Sales Professional, as well--along with reinforcing audio CD. This addresses the concept of "taking something tangible away" from his session. Lastly, I have seen Tom a couple of times and at some point you have to trust your teammates to send you the right way, and I'm telling you he is the right way for us. He's way more than rah rah. Trust ME on this.

Accounting Testimonials:
"For over 15 years you have always earned a 4.7 or above out of 5 – you are exceptional!" Minnesota CPA’s

"You earned a 3.6 out of 4.0 – a great job!" AICPA
"You were lively, informative and an inspiration to every person – you are a pro!" Institute of Internal Auditors

"Your presentation was timely, professional, though provoking and fun." Independent Accountants Intl.
"Your professionalism, humor and total preparation was exceptional. We’ll have you back again!" NSAC

Bank/Financial Services Testimonials:
"You closed the conference perfectly – the right message in the right way!" Savings & Community Bankers

"You enhanced the program with great ideas for bankers to take back with them." American Bankers Asn

"You scored a 3.8 out of 4 – an excellent keynote job and just what we needed. " Financial Managers Society

"You really held our participants attention." Am Collectors Asn

"We received more favorable comments on you than any other speaker in our memory." NJ Savings League

Computer/DP Testimonials:
"Our clients rated you as ‘excellent’…they loved your examples and stories on technology and change." IBM

"Our people appreciated you doing your homework…your ideas were pertinent and you were great." MAPICS

"Your style, humor, and experience was exceptional…we’re impressed and want you back." Avalon Software

Credit Union Testimonials:
"You should be pleased with comments like ‘super, great – loved his humor, examples, and content.’" CUNA

"You were rated as excellent. Comments included outstanding, usable techniques, great speaker." CUES

"You earned a 9.3 out of 10 – a great success!" Arizona CU Lg

"You were the highlight of the program and had the highest evaluations. I’m impressed – you’re a pro!" Michigan CU Lg

"We keep using you because our people keep asking for you. Thanks for doing six exceptional programs." TN CU Lg

Health Care/Medical Testimonials:
"You gave us a truly inspirational, customized keynote of tremendous value to our sales team." United HealthCare

"Six years later we still make the tape of your program a requirement for all new employees – a great job!" Hill Rom

"You taught us what customer satisfaction really means in medical product sales – you’ll be back soon." GE Medical

"You were an A+ the first time…you exceeded that the second time…we want you back again. Ca Asn HE Management

Manufacturing Testimonials:
"A splendid job…you did your homework, you had credibility, you gave them new ideas." Masonite Corporation

"Nicely tailored to our people, extra humor to drive home the points and make them think. Great." 3M Corp

"entertaining with great substance, very personalized to our people – you had credibility…" Black & Decker

"We received more favorable comments on you than any other speaker in our memory." Thermo King Corp

Insurance Testimonials:
"You closed the program with excitement – our people respected and enjoyed you." Prudential Ins. Of Singapore

"Thank you for showing all of us how to achieve success – you’re a total professional!" Nationwide Ins.

"You gave them great information and challenged their creativity. We’ll have you back." Great West Casualty

"My people are all using your techniques to ‘win and keep customers’ – thank you." Farm Bureau Insurance Co.

"A totally customized, professional and exciting message. We will have you back soon." PA Lumbermans Ins.

Meeting/Travel/Tourism Testimonials:
"You earned an incredible 9.1 – I sincerely appreciate it." SITE
"It is a delight working with you – great customized job!" MPI
"An excellent example of great work – I recommend you." ASAE
"Your Global session was the best of the conference." IACVB

Metals/Metal Treating Testimonials:
"you did it again – twice in four months you overwhelmed my audience! Your homework & industry knowledge maze me. You are on the top of our list!" Metal Treating Institute

"You helped us refocus our mgt and market strategy." Citation
"Great job – right mix of humor & substance." Am Foundry Asn.
"Another great job- you even exceeded your first visit!" IADD

Printing Testimonials:
"your keynote was the major contribution to our success with printing industry leaders." NAPL

"Your personalized message was delivered with knowledge, skill, and energy…" Intl. Prepress Asn.

"Exceptional professionalism, humor, and preparation." NAQP

Telecommunications Testimonials:
"Wonderful and exciting performance on change." AT&T

"You showed our people what technology & change are all about – an exciting and customized keynote." Bell South

"Thank you for teaching us to profit from technology and change – you gave us the key to our business." NW Bell

Technology Testimonials:
"your program was the highlight of the event…great speaker, great information, great style." Honeywell

"Your understanding of our business made your consulting customized to solve our problems." INTEL

"Thank you for teaching at our international IBM management Academy – we appreciated your experiences." IBM

Thomas Faranda, CEO/Entrepreneur
Thomas Faranda is a CEO, an entrepreneur and a speaker who was named one of the most exciting speakers in America by "Meetings & Conventions Magazine" due to his high- content, humorous programs with global examples, stories and ideas. As the former President of The Hospital Corporation of Chicago and the former National Accounts Sales Manager for Masonite Corporation, he has the credibility and experience audiences around the world respect and demand in a featured speaker. Mr. Faranda's business holdings have included hotels in America, a software corporation, a global consulting firm focused on growth and profit and additional global ventures.   His clients include Intel, 3M, Ford Canada, IBM, GE, Siemens and firms from Asia to the Americas. His books include "UncommonSense Leadership" and he has published over one hundred business articles.   Mr. Faranda has earned a BS,   an MBA in International Business and a Doctorate in Education(abd).

Thomas Faranda    8623 E. Tuckey Lane    Scottsdale, AZ 85250-4939
(p) 480/443-1593    tomfaranda@aol.com    www.tomfaranda.com