You can increase your sales and profitability by keeping your mind and body in sync.

Before you ever hit a golf shot, you must know exactly what it is you want to do. You must know why you are hitting that specific club from that specific spot. You must know exactly where you want your ball to land. You must know exactly how you are positioning that specific shot to set yourself up for your next shot.

In golf, as in selling, you cannot afford even the slightest doubt. After all., if you don’t know what to do in your mind, how will your muscles know what to do in your body? The following maxims will help you increase sales and profitability by keeping your mind and body in sync.

Never go empty headed or empty handed.
Always have three plans in your mind before you approach a prospect or customer on the phone or in person, plans A, B, and C. Plan A is your main line of approach. If it works you will not need plans B and C. However, if a situation arises where plan A does not work, you must have two back up plans. A professional salesperson without a back up plan is like a golfer with only half a set of clubs. You need to carry all your clubs with you even if you do not use them all on a given day.

The correct time to get information is before you need it.
Information is power. The timing of information is power. The use of information is power. Getting information late reduces the strategic value of the information. A professional salesperson always wants to know what the competition is doing as soon as the competition starts doing it…or even before they start. This is the information that leads to the development of plans A, your primary approach, and helps you make backup plans B and C.

In golf, information takes many different forms. Exact yardage is critical for club selection. Only amateurs “guess” at yardage. Professionals in golf or in selling get the information right, select the right club, and position themselves correctly for success.

You win customers by anticipating, not waiting, and by acting, not reacting.

A proactive salesperson who anticipates what the customer wants and then provides it in a timely manner will always beat the competitor who waits to be told what to do.

A proactive salesperson acts rather than reacts. She/he learns the art and science of anticipation as a high performance sales tool and uses it effectively to close sales.

The art of anticipation is in asking the right questions, in the right way, to the right people, at the right time. The “science” of anticipation is in the execution of the ideas to close more sales. Great salespeople get paid more money because they train themselves to hear and act on unheard melodies.

In golf, wind is a factor that must be anticipated. A strong headwind may be described as a two-club wind. A two-club wind means you must use a 4 iron to make a shot that would normally be a 6 iron for you. You are anticipating that the wind will take 20 yards off your shot and thus, you must move up two clubs to compensate. Golfers who anticipate the wind make the shot correctly and have position. Those who do not are out of the competition. Anticipation is one of the keys to moving higher in the spectrum of professional selling or professional golfing.

In selling as in golf, “big shots are simply little shots that keep shooting”. All salespeople have to start someplace and master the basic skills of professional selling. Once they have mastered this level, they must move to advanced levels of “value-added selling, team selling, and UncommonSense Selling” where both mindset skills and practical skills are the keys to success. To master these skills takes time and practice. You must study the skills, use the skills in presentations, critically analyze the results and continually work to improve your abilities. This constant process is how little shots become big shots in both golf and selling.

Remember, before you ever hit a golf shot, you must know exactly what you want to do so your muscles can execute the commands of your mind. Before you ever make a sales presentation, you must also know exaclty what you want to do so you can execute your plan and position yourself for success.

Master uncommon selling techniques and you will master your success in selling and in golf.